Economy class

The cars of Economy class always used large popularity among motor-car enthusiasts. You can make sure why exactly, taking the auto of such class for rent, in fact optimal combination of speed, economy and comfort can not leave anybody indifferent. In the field of car rental midget cars are able to make a serious competition to the models of business-class, as far as they belong to a more available price category.

Luxury class

Status of respectable business man requires special outstanding. The models of Luxury class are created exactly for these purposes. Car rental allows people of the business world to choose a respectable auto depending on claims thrown by business every day. You may outstand the pedantry and good organization, stopping a choice for the strict models of European auto industry. But you may give vent to the emotions, choosing for journeys the car of the Asian origin, known for its uniqueness of designer decisions.


The cars capable to go everywhere you can think of infuse with a confidence at overcoming of obstacles on the lack of roads, and give feeling of force in the process of ride. Rent of SUVs allows to the power and comfort lovers enjoying maximally a ride on a cross-country, and confidently to feel in a municipal traffic. SUVs are as forward-wheel drive, so full-drive, that only extends possibilities at the choice of auto on rent.


A Convertible is deservedly considered the symbol of independence and freedom. Cars with a folding top charm a swift profile personifying a continuous forward movement. Possibility of rent of a Convertible gives a chance to feel the unforgettable power of high quality car, multiplied on romanticism of trip under open-skies, to you. Facing the wind, You will be able to feel a full degree pleasure from a dash to horizon.

Premium class

Cars of Premium-class are the most prestigious autos containing the most modern technical developments and high quality elements of the internal finishing. Absolute quality of execution of such cars makes a driving process unforgettable and gives mass of the unbelievable impressions. Car rental of Premium-class gives You the possibility to take a step on the new level of awareness of motor-vehicle.

Car rental in Ukraine from A to Z

Cities of Ukraine are the perfect places for art and architectural lovers and of international business relations. Rent a car in Ukraine and fully enjoy the beauty of ancient cites and have a good deal. Many companies today can propose you a combination of excellent service and individual approach to each client.

What services propose car rental Ukraine

1. Carriage of passengers.

  • Rent a vehicle
  • Rent a car with a driver
  • Rent a bus

2. Excursions in Kiev, Kharkyv and other cities.

3. Organization of business trips.

  • Rent a business class car
  • Rent a car with a driver
  • Assistance with booking of air tickets
  • Translation services: support for delegations and private persons, translations
  • Conference Services

4. Transportation services for travel agencies, theatre and concert organizations.

5. Wedding services:

  • Rent a business class car
  • Rent car decorations

Ukraine car hire with a driver, and if necessary, car hire with a driver of elite brands are a proven way to emphasize the authority of the representative or the reputation of the firm. Additionally, car hire Ukraine with a driver eliminates the need to adapt to an unfamiliar place.

Peculiarities of car rental Ukraine market

In Ukraine rent a car is available to anyone, who has a driving license of «B» category and has no problems with the law. The terms of car rental are very convenient for the tenant. You need 30 minutes to get a car rental in Ukraine.

Ukraine car rental market is increasing annually by 20-30%, and the demand for rental services is almost satisfied. There are many small car rental companies that have 5-15 cars of budget class, and grow parks of large companies.

So far, none of the rent car Ukraine companies can boast of quite an extensive network of rental cars in this country. Accordingly, the services of the international level, for example, provision of a new car in the case of breakdown or accident for several hours is not yet available even in the major cities of Ukraine.

The peak for car hire in Ukraine is summer. The demand from corporate customers is somewhat reduced. More compensation is received from tourists and summer residents, who need a car on the weekend. In winter the demand for rental cars is reduced by 15-20%.

Who rent car in Ukraine

Regardless of the class of the cars offered, half of the clients are people who are temporarily without their cars due to repairs or planned replacement. Official celebrations, goings out of city and pickup trucks to transport furniture are also frequent clients. The share of them can be up to 25%. Another quarter is tourists and visitors.

There exists also a new class of customers who take a car for a test drive. A separate segment of the rental market is cars with advertising media and cars of premium class for special occasions.

Car rent Ukraine prices

If you plan to rent a car, Ukraine can propose you different cars on different prices. The prices are stated in US dollars per 24 hours on average from the cheapest to the most expensive model

  • Economy class — 40-55 (Daewoo Matiz — Hyundai accent)
  • Middle class — 50-85 (Shevrolet Lacetti — Kia Carens)
  • Business class — 80-130 (Volkswagen Jetta — Nissan Teana New)
  • Off-road vehicles 90-400 (Nissan Qashqai — Reng Rover )
  • VIP-class 200-800 (Subaru Impreza WRX STI — Maserati Quattroporte)
  • Minibus – 200 (Volkswagen Multivan)

So, it is reasonable to address different companies and get to know all the details and additional services to choose the most suitable car for pleasant time in Ukraine.